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Utilizing 3D Printing Technology in General Dentistry
Presenter: Dr. Mark Kleive
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Home Study)

Release Date: 1/28/21
  The opportunities for 3D printing, scanning and integration into dental office systems is expanding at an alarming rate. This CE webinar will discuss the practical ways to incorporate 3D technology into the general dental office, and the tremendous potential it has for increasing productivity and profitability. We will explore together the rational, as well as when and how to implement this technology. Topics will include 3D printed study models, surgical guides, in-office aligners and occlusal guards. Particular emphasis will be placed on incorporating a seamless workflow that team members can support.

Raise Case Acceptance and Boost Practice Revenue with New Clinical Options
Presenter: Dr. David Rice
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Home Study)

Release Date: 3/11/20
  What would a semi-permanent treatment option do for your patients who need the care and routinely say no? What if instead of our patients losing teeth because time and money are limitations, we could phase care safely and effectively, to ideally restore patient after patient? What would adding five, $10k+ cases to your schedule monthly do for your practice? What if there was a material that could easily and effectively provide options and solutions to these questions without investing in costly technology? In this CE webinar, join us and learn how to level up your case acceptance, your clinical skills and your bottom line.

New Alternative for Patients - Long-Term Chairside Fabricated Crowns
Presenter: Dr. Ian Shuman
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Home Study)

Release Date: 11/11/19
  At the conclusion of this CE webinar, participants will be able to:
• Discuss the importance of a well-fabricated chairside crown.
• Describe the materials and steps needed to create a long-term “semi-permanent" prosthesis.
• Understand the theory behind and the steps needed for the cordless final impression technique

Thinking Outside the Box
Presenter: Dr. Elliot Mechanic
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Home Study)

Release Date: 6/12/19
  In this CE webinar, we will cover the following:
• How to achieve an accurate bite registration
• Accuracy in implant impressions
• Registration of a CR bite
• Creative immediate implant stabilization and temporization
• Taking a quad-tray impression the easy way!

Oral Health and Prevention Aspects to the Disruption of Biofilm
Presenter: Ms. Shannon Pace Brinker
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Home Study)

Release Date: 5/29/19
  During this CE webinar, we will
• recognize the importance of early preventive care
• discuss the common causes of dental disease
• describe the behaviors of biofilms that influence the treatment goals of disruption, elimination, or control
• explain the principles of selective polishing utilizing disposable prophy angles and paste
• discuss the different methods for controlling plaque

Solutions for Implant Supported Provisional Restorations
Presenter: Dr. David Little
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Home Study)

Release Date: 3/27/19
  Implant provisional restorations play a vital role in predictable successful outcomes in implant dentistry. They provide esthetics, maintain masticatory ability, and serve as a functional esthetic blueprint for laboratory communications. This CE webinar will discuss materials and techniques for direct implant provisionals as well as indirect techniques including digital technology

Resin Infiltration: A Minimally Invasive Treatment Option for Enamel Caries and Cosmetic Defects
Presenter: Dr. Jeanette MacLean
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Home Study)

Release Date: 12/12/18
  In this CE webinar, Dr. Jeanette MacLean, an advocate for minimally invasive dentistry, will teach you about resin infiltration. Resin infiltration can arrest incipient carious lesions as well as improve or even completely reverse the appearance of congenital enamel defects and white spot lesions while preserving tooth structure and repairing the patient’s natural enamel.

Bulking Up Profits
Presenter: Dr. David Rice
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Home Study)

Release Date: 9/4/18
  What do you get when clinical excellence meets maximum efficiency? Aside from a practice full of very happy patients, you and I get to bulk up our profits. For the first time in dental history, the workhorse in our practice, the posterior composite, not only delivers beauty and function, it delivers savings in time and dollars. In this CE webinar, join us for the 411 on ROI and why today’s elite bulk fill composites are primed for profits.

Modern Composite Techniques for Every Dental Practice
Presenter: Dr. Mark Kleive
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Home Study)

Release Date: 7/25/18
  Because direct composites are placed frequently in every dental practice, it is imperative that we use techniques that improve both efficiency and outcomes. With the use of modern techniques and modern materials we can easily accomplish both. This CE webinar will help participants identify and utilize these materials and techniques with special emphasis on quick implementation strategies.

Predictable, Profitable, and Efficient Core Build Ups and Post and Cores
Presenter: Dr. Gary Radz
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Home Study)

Release Date: 12/7/17
  The foundation on which you place your ceramic restorations is of critical importance to the long term success of your final restorations. This CE webinar is designed to demonstrate how to fabricate core build ups and post and cores in an efficient manner to help increase the longevity of your final restoration. It will demonstrate clinically proven techniques and materials to assists dentist to provide more predictable restorations in a profitable manner.

The Art of Temporization - The Blueprint for Predictable Facial Changes Through Aesthetic Dentistry
Presenter: Dr. Elliot Mechanic
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Home Study)

Release Date: 9/14/17
  The ability to create and modify provisional restorations simply and quickly has opened the door to predictable aesthetic dentistry. Unlike plastic surgery, dental temporization allows the patient to preview his or her new smile and then alter it as necessary for functional, esthetic and phonetic reasons. A well-made temporary restoration, the key to an aesthetic restoration, provides the lab with a blueprint for tooth length, width, thickness, arch form and position, midline cant, and occlusion. Once the patient has approved the temporary, the lab replicates it in porcelain using silicone templates. In this CE webinar, material selection and usage, as well as the working/re-working process (all crucial to the success of temporaries) will be thoroughly discussed.

Resin Infiltration for Interproximal and Smooth Surface Lesions
Presenter: Dr. Carla Cohn
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Home Study)

Release Date: 5/9/17
  This CE webinar will present the technique, indications, and application of a unique minimally invasive product. The background and procedures used in this novel treatment will be explored and explained. Several cases will be reviewed. Come join Dr. Cohn...the future of dentistry is today!
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