About Us
About Us
When two experts become one

The history of DMG America goes back to the year 1963, when Ernst Mühlbauer founded a company in Hamburg, Germany for the purpose of manufacturing professional dental materials. He named the company DMG, or Dental Material-Gesellschaft. The premium-quality products developed in the company’s own laboratories were immediately successful and the company began to steadily grow.

Fast forward about twenty years to the year 1982: In Englewood, New Jersey, the company Zenith Dental was born and soon thereafter a partnership was formed with DMG. Originally a division of Foremost Dental, Zenith Dental went on to deliver groundbreaking technologies to the North American professional dental industry with market-leading products such as Luxatemp and LuxaCore.

After decades of successful cooperation, in 2008, Zenith Dental renamed itself as DMG America.

If you stop getting better, you stop being good

DMG America has delivered some of the most widely used and clinically successful dental products to North America.

Among the groundbreaking new technologies introduced to the professional dental industry are market-leading products such as Luxatemp, the first provisional restorative material from a cartridge; LuxaCore, the premium core build-up material; 2006 saw the launch of one of the fastest-growing dental hygiene product lines in the U.S. market: the award-winning Kolorz line. In 2009, DMG introduced Icon, the first and only product to arrest incipient caries through resin infiltration without drilling.

With these, and many more first-of-its-kind innovations, DMG proudly stands behind its doctrine of “Dental Milestones Guaranteed”.

Our Mission
Making the dentist’s life easier – with passion and expertise

Whether it’s for accurate impressions, reliable temporary, preventative or permanent care, DMG America is dedicated to streamlining the dental professionals’ daily routines – with unique quality brand products filled with ingenuity. This is achieved through DMG’s ongoing commitment to research, development, and testing, which perpetuates the company’s more than 30-year legacy of delivering superior quality materials to North America. The result of this ongoing commitment can be seen with the continuing acknowledgement by worldwide independent product evaluation institutes who continue to recognize DMG as a world leader in materials technology.

Quality Standards
Safety for you and your patients

DMG America has achieved both ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485:2003 certifications, two of the most stringent quality standards established by the International Organization for Standardization. This signifies that DMG America has developed and implemented a system of uncompromising commitment to quality, encompassing every aspect of its business.


DMG America LLC is located in Englewood, New Jersey. The company has an experienced network of sales and support representatives available to help dental professionals meet their materials needs. To find a local DMG America Representative, please contact us at 800-662-6383.

For more information on DMG’s international activities, please also refer to www.dmg-dental.com 
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