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  Pre-endodontic build-up – an essential component of endodontic therapy by Dr. Ralf Schlichting 9/19/2017
  Dr. Ralf Schlichting, an Endodontic Specialist, discusses pre-endodontic build-up as being an essential component of endodontic therapy. Teeth that are subject to endodontic therapy generally demonstrate more or less a distinctive loss of structure. An important building block in the endodontic therapy concept is the use of a pre-endodontic build-up in order to create an antibacterial seal and prevent the entry of bacteria in the oral cavity into the pulp chamber and the root canal system.   view »
  Restoration of an endodontically treated maxillary first premolar by Dr. Gary Radz, DDS 9/19/2017
  Too many dentists do not place posts when indicated. This may be, in part, due to the extra time required for post placement. This case study will demonstrate how an adhesively placed and retained post and core can be placed with minimal time commitment from the dentist.   view »
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